Good To Last Drop: Digiflavor Drop RDA V2 Vape


Let’s start the new year with a brand new RDA. Products from Digiflavor are always full of expectations, especially the release of RDA. In the case of many products of the same series with different designs and functions on the market, Digiflavor can still stand out among them. So what is the unique part that can make it stand at the front end of the RDA market for a long time? This is inseparable from Digiflavor’s unique design concept and continuous innovation and advancement of technology.

Every time Digiflavor‘s new product can whet people’s appetite, because you can’t imagine what kind of visual feast it is. The same is true for this new release. The whole body of Drop RDA V2 is made of metal. Instead of the smooth surface that tends to look cheap, it adopts a matte texture. With various colors, you will be pleasantly surprised. Compared with the previous version, I prefer the current shape, which reveals a very strong brand style in a low-key way.

The shape of Digiflavor Drop RDA V2 is a metal body like a space capsule. This is an RDA equipped with a double coil, which can provide unimaginably awesome DL Vape Mode and RDL Vape Mode. Inside the unit, there’s a two-post build plate with four oversized holes that will accommodate nearly every size coil you can think of. The airflow enters from the slots on both sides of the Digiflavor Drop RDA V2 without obstruction, and can directly enter the interior of the device, maximizing the production of pure and delicious flavor.

Digiflavor Drop RDA V2 best sale

Dimensions: 35.2mm*24.4mm*24mm
Connection: 510 Thread
Material: Stainless Steel
Deck: Dual-coil DIY deck
Vaping Mode: DL & RDL vaping

24mm Coil Deck
Space-Capsule Design
Dual-Coil DIY Deck
Upgraded Space-Capsuled Metallic Body
BF Pin Included
Perfect Airflow Control For DL&RDL
DL & RDL Experience
Multi-Air-Inlet Airflow Adjustments

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