NKD 100 Salt American Patriots E-juice + Eleaf Tance Max Pod

Based on the classic American tobacco flavor, each puff can give off the rich flavor you crave without any internal feel. With the right sweetness, you will be very satisfied when you come across this authentic tobacco flavor.

NKD 100 Salt American Patriots review

Brand: NKD 100 Salt
Unit: set
Net Weight: 30(g)

Like all vape juices from NKD 100, American Patriot is also made with high-quality ingredients to ensure you want the flavor of vape all day long. Thanks to months of testing and adjustments, each zipper tastes exactly like the real thing.

When inhaled, the bold and strong tobacco vape juice smell scours the taste buds and hits your throat in the most satisfying way. When exhaling, the slight sweetness is the perfect completion of this vaping experience.

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