Perform As Well As You Want: Vessel Vista Edge

When buying a slim electronic cigarette pen, it is recommended that you choose Vessel first. Many people who love Vessel in recent times will be pleasantly surprised to find that this niche brand has largely occupied the public eye. Not only in the field of vaporizer, but more people who love e-cigarettes, or those who are ready to quit smoking and enter the world of e-cigarettes have seen its infinite possibilities. With the increasing popularity of the brand, Vessel has also handed over a series of satisfactory answers to everyone.

This vaporizer comes in a variety of colors: Bahama, Avocado, Very Peri, Poppy, and Slate. The appearance of Vista Edge is a streamlined metal texture. Although it looks like a simple pen shape, many designs and optimizations have been made in the details. In terms of color, we also choose a unique color system that is more popular with young people, and it will not collide with other products. In combination, it is designed with a wide collar, which not only protects the ink cartridges, but also allows you to see more clearly.

Vessel Vista Edge Vape does everything you would expect from a modern, sleek vaporizer that combines form and function. There are four power supply options: 2.4V, 2.8V, 3.2V and 3.6V. The charging port is the most popular magnetic attraction at the moment, and of course this will definitely become the mainstream trend in the future. Built-in 320mAh battery, when the power is exhausted and charging, the LED light on the device will remind you of the charging status, so that you can always be ready to control the latest situation of Vista Edge. If you want to know more about the use of the product, Vessel’s official website will have detailed instructions.

Vessel Vista Edge for sale

Dimensions: 4.6 x 0.53
Battery: 320mAh
Weight: 30g
Power Mode: 4
Connection: 510 Thread
Charging Port: USB

4 power/voltage settings
High-quality 320mAh rechargeable battery core
Universal threading for all oil cartridges
No magnetic adapter necessary
3-LEDs indicate battery life
Magnetic charging port
A protected, cartridge drop-in design
Power settings

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