Style Up Your Vape: Joyetech EVIO C2 Kit

Joyetech EVIO C2 Pod System Kit is a new upgraded version of Joyetech EVIO C Kit, the latest kit released at vapesourcing, showing you in front of you with a new look. Joyetech EVIO C2 has been upgraded and updated in many aspects. This is a major change in technology and technology. Changes have been made in color, shape, coil, vape method and other performance.

Joyetech EVIO C2 Kit abandons the single rigid color of EVIO C, giving you a visual impact. It is differentiated from other devices by a more saturated gradient color. There are a total of four color combinations to choose from. For those who have difficulty choosing, EVIO C2 can meet your needs for two or three colors at one time. The shape is a flat pod, which is easy to hold and carry.

The Joyetech EVIO C2 will be familiar to those who are accustomed to using the pod system kit, you can activate the device not only with a button, but also with direct suction. The battery capacity of EVIO C2 is 800mAh, which can bring you a maximum power of 18W. The vape method can be switched between MTL and DL at any time. It is a very suitable choice for beginners or long-term users of electronic cigarettes, which can bring you a long-lasting, stable and pure taste to the greatest extent.

Joyetech EVIO C2 in stock

Size: 22.5mm*12.7mm*116.6mm
Battery Capacity: 800mAh
E-liquid Capacity: 2ml
Filling Hole Diameter: 4.5mm
Max Output: 18w
Charging Current: 5V/2A

Optional MTL/RDL vaping
Adopts the newly upgraded EN 0.8ohm mesh coil
New updated version of Joyetech EVIO series
Upgraded CMF design
Battery indication lights
Open the silicon plug on the side to refill the pod
Type-C 2A fast charging
Two ways to vape: button triggered, draw activated

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Joyetech Evio Solo Pod kit review – a thoughtful “remnant”

The second novelty has come from a more well-known brand, Joyetech. These people have finally entered the pod system field and are actively developing their new Evio series – Evio Solo Pod Kit.

Joyetech EVIO SOLO Pod Kit review
Joyetech EVIO SOLO Pod Kit review

Dimensions: 93 x 40 x 18mm
Weight: 76g Body
Material: Zinc Alloy + Plastic
Power: Built-in 1000mAh
Chipset: AST
Cartridge Capacity: 4.8ml Vaporizer
Resistance: 0.8 / 1.2Ω
Operating Mode: Power
Protection: from low/high resistance, from overheating, from short circuit, from overcharge / over-discharge
Connector type: magnetic
Charging port / current: Type-C, charging current 2A

The developers kept trying various shapes, and this time we witnessed the remnants of the classics. The outline of the device is almost the correct oval shape, the size is average, and the weight is “serious” due to the sturdy metal casing.

As a decoration, variegated panels are used on some models. Otherwise, it can only be decorated with the color scheme of the shell and the logo.

The first good news is waiting for us “from above”-the capacity of the Evio Solo Pod cartridge, despite its relatively modest size, is still good. The mouthpiece will naturally flatten, and the side refill cannot be quickly accessed.

The replacement evaporator is represented by the EN line. The kit will include several samples with different resistances and possibly different heating element “geometry”. However, they are all manufactured according to the new technology “AST steel”.

 buy Joyetech EVIO SOLO Pod Kit
buy Joyetech EVIO SOLO Pod Kit

They have not forgotten the airflow adjustment-a convenient slider is moderately fixed on the side end. The battery is naturally built-in-I think its capacity of this size is worth it.

Yes, the charging current is disappointing-a complete cycle lasts no more than half an hour. The connector for this event has a new Joyetech design-we didn’t think of anything else.

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