Dovpo Odin Mini DNA75C Box Mod – what the difference with the former Dovpo mod?

Well, for a snack we have a very interesting copy. The tripartite collaboration that brought Dovpo Odin Mini box mods to the world is back in business. This trinity is already the third instance in the series, the most interesting thing in it, most likely, is that it has become single-bank.

Dovpo Odin Mini DNA75C Box Mod review
Dovpo Odin Mini DNA75C Box Mod review

Dimensions: 90.5 x 36.3 x 32mm
Case material: aluminum alloy + plastic
Power: 1 x 21700
Chipset: Evolv DNA75C
Output power: 1 – 75W
Voltage range: up to 9V
Operating mode: VW, TC (NI200, SS, TI), TCR
Temperature range: 200 ℉ – 600 ℉ / 100 ℃ – 315 ℃
Supported resistance: 0.05 – 2.0Ω / TC 0.05 – 1.0Ω
Protection: against low / high resistance, against overheating, against short circuit, against reverse polarity, against overcharging / overdischarge
Connector type: steel 510, gold-plated pin, spring loaded
Screen / diagonal: yes, color, 0.96 ”

The design is very recognizable – the fact is that developers of Dovpo do not depart from corporate design even one iota. We are again greeted by a lightweight aluminum alloy casing, scribbled on the sides with pretty through vents.

On the front part, a control panel is cut in a familiar way, and on the sidewall a traditional logo is visible. The color scheme is also standard for this line. The connector platform is steel, moreover, our guest boasts an impressive margin of landing – 26mm.

Dovpo Odin Mini DNA75C Box Mod for sale
Dovpo Odin Mini DNA75C Box Mod for sale

The control panel contained the already familiar fire button with a skull, a color display of a standard diagonal and a traditional trio of adjustment and control keys. At the very base, you can see the old-style connector for slow charging and updating the control chipset software.

As in older versions, due to the presence of through slots leading to the battery compartment, several multi-colored shrink films for batteries are thrown into the box mod with the novelty.

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Review: Cloud Odin 200 Box Mod VS original Dovpo Odin DNA250C Mod

The Dovpo Odin DNA250C Mod made in collaboration with Vaperz Cloud & Vaping Bogan is an advanced vaping device that features a versatile dual battery design, a unique outer body design, an ergonomic body shape with fin cut-outs to create an added grip, and a high power output with TC and TCR Mode included.

Dovpo Odin DNA250C Box Mod review
Dovpo Odin DNA250C Box Mod review

This device features the Evolve DNA250C chipset, which uses sophisticated and calibrated heating algorithms to deliver the better flavor. The chipset also includes Power Mode, TC Mode, and TCR Mode.

So in the original Odin DNA mod there was an Evolv DNA250C chip. These are very popular but can be a bit pricey. DNA enthusiasts are usually happy to pay the extra for a DNA chip but it does often make mods out of the price reach of many people.

To hopefully open up the market a bit for the Odin box mod – the 200 version has a Dovpo chipset rather than the expensive DNA chip.

Also to help reduce the price the materials used are different rather than the CNC machined aluminium body on the DNA version, the 200 has zinc alloy top and bottom plates and polished CNC aluminium body.

Dovpo Odin 200W Box Mod for sale
Dovpo Odin 200W Box Mod for sale

As with the original this is still designed to use 2×21700 batteries. But you can also use dual 20700 or 18650 with the enclosed adaptors.

Power wise this will still output up to 200W and there are variable wattage, variable voltage, TCR and temperature control user modes. The same group were involved in the design of the 200 version.

The ODIN 200w is a very similar look and feel to its DNA250c brother with different features, rather than using an Evolv DNA chipset it now features a Dovpo own 200w chipset, utilizing USB C Updating and charging port with a zinc alloy construction.

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Preview: Dovpo Mono SQ DNA75C Box Mod + Signature Mods 75w

As they say-the arena is still the same. The second novelty is also the result of the collaboration of Signature Mods x Dovpo tech. It’s really exciting to see Dovpo’s development in the past 2019 and its endless cooperation.

Dovpo Mono SQ Signature DNA75C Box Mod review
Dovpo Mono SQ Signature DNA75C Box Mod review

So, after all, they are not slowing down under the current circumstances. Moreover, the newcomers only appeared in batches. Not only have some people and / or major changes occurred in their company, but we are in a better position-we are enjoying the second consecutive release.

Dimensions: 87 x 41.1 x 27mm
Case Material: aluminum alloy + plastic
Power: 1 x 18650
Chipset: Evolv DNA75C
Output power: 1 – 75 W
Operating mode:VW, TC (NI200, SS, TI), TCR
Temperature range: 200 ℉ – 600 ℉ / 93 ℃ – 316 ℃
Supported resistance: 0.05 – 2.0Ω / TC 0.05 – 1.0Ω

As you may have guessed, the Signature tips SQ mod was again taken as the basis for the design of the main body. This is a familiar rectangle with anatomical notches for the fingers in the front.

The case is traditionally made of lightweight aluminum alloy, the decor is also traditionally restrained – it is for the better. Dimensions can not be called decent, the language does not rotate – it is a relatively compact single-jar, though not low.

 buy Dovpo Mono SQ Signature DNA75C Box Mod
buy Dovpo Mono SQ Signature DNA75C Box Mod

From the start, developers offer a palette of four colors – pretty good. We are waiting for the replenishment of the line in the future. The control panel was moved to the rear end – the developers did not spoil the recognizable appearance of the device. However, in this case, the future owner will have to operate more with his thumb.

Well, the panel is neatly tailored – without sophistication, but with a certain gloss. The fire button is small, below it is a color display, and just below the unchanged trinity of adjustment and control buttons in vape star shop. The connector for charging the battery and updating the firmware of the control chipset has landed at the very base.

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