Milk Tea Cup: Supbliss Bingo Disposable

Disposable vapes in the shape of milk tea cups have become more and more popular, and one of the important reasons is that they are unique in shape, small and cute. As a 1:1 reduced version of a milk tea cup, exquisite workmanship and design are very important. If some brands try to make this kind of milk tea cup with inferior materials or random shapes, the end will be obvious.

Now in the market, the popularity of milk tea cups is no less than that of Elf Bar Vape Online, and almost every brand has begun to compete to launch products in the shape of milk tea cups. As a relatively unknown brand, Supbliss is gradually known by vapers relying on its Bingo. Supbliss Bingo is also a product in the shape of a classic milk tea cup. Due to its large mouth, the whole device will be higher. The pattern of the beast warrior is printed on the front, which also makes the product more recognizable.

Supbliss Bingo 8000 Puffs has a straw, which is exactly the same as our cup-drinking device, so you only need to vape like drinking a drink, and the whole process is very simple and comfortable. Supbliss Bingo Disposable can provide up to 8000 puffs, built-in 650mAh battery, and the charging port is Type-C. You can use it as a daily device, or carry it when you go out or travel, it will be a very faithful companion.

Supbliss Bingo Disposable in stock

Battery: 600mAh
Puffs: Max 8000puffs
Pod Capacity: 16ml
Nicotine Strength: 50mg
Coils: Mesh Coils
Charging: Type-C
Charging Time: 45 minutes

16ml Capacity of Vape Juice
12 Flavors Available
Mesh Coils
Integrated 850mAh Battery
Type-C Charging Port

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