Complete Guide To Exseed Dabcool W3 Vaporizer Kit

In this article, I’m gonna introduce the Dabcool W3 Kit by Exseed. If you want to quickly dab your favorite waxy concentrates without having to pull out your rig, this is just what you need.

Exseed Dabcool W3 is a nectar-collector style dab device. It fits easily inside a pocket, bag, or purse, making it the perfect piece for on-the-go dabbing. Powered by a 450mAh rechargeable battery, the Dabcool W3 offers 3 voltage settings (3.4V/3.7V,4.2V), making it a perfect match for a wide variety of concentrate materials. The different voltage setting is indicated by the color-changing LED ring around the circular power button. When the battery dies just hook it up to the included micro USB charger or any available and you’ll be back to honey sucking in no time!
Exseed Dabcool W3 PriceThe Dabcool W3 uses a ceramic heating head which is protected by a removable silicone cap when not in use. It can heat more blocks and even better it supports e-liquid, tobacco paste, and tobacco. The mouthpiece sits at the top of a glass bubbler chamber that cools the thick clouds of smoke this portable vaporizer creates before reaching your lungs. All in all, the Dabcool W3 is a perfect travel companion for all smokers, even the newbies won’t have a hard time figuring this electric dab straw out.

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