Is this a design update only – Vaporlax Max disposable?

VaporLAX Max Energy Disposable packs contain 50mg (5.0%) of nicotine strength in a single pack. Not ecstatic about energy? Be sure to check out the full VaporLAX line of disposables, as well as similar brands like Ignite and POP Vapor.

VAPORLAX MAX Disposable Vape Kit review
VAPORLAX MAX Disposable Vape Kit review

Size: Φ19.5mm*100.0mm
Battery Capacity: 1000mah
Ejuice Capacity: 6.5ml
Nicotine Level: 5%
1500±50 puffs

If you’ve been looking for the perfect pick-me-up, boy, do we have a reason for you? This Energy Disposable from VaporLAX offers a sweet and uplifting imitation of the iconic energy drink flavor, known as Colorful because it’s bovine.

Pre-charged and pre-filled with up to 6.5ml of e-liquid, VaporLAX’s Energy Disposable pod can help you start the day or keep the night going with the device’s long-lasting fuel tank and uplifting flavor.

buy VAPORLAX MAX Disposable Vape Kit
buy VAPORLAX MAX Disposable Vape Kit

Perfect for those who prefer sweet e-cigarettes with a subtle spicy undertone, if you’ve been looking for a thirst-quenching flavor, you’ll want to buy one of these satisfying energy disposables from VaporLAX today.

The VAPORLAX Disposable Pod Device is powered by 1000mAh built-in battery. And the VAPORLAX Disposable Pod comes with various flavors for your different selection. Please take it home and enjoy the beautiful taste.

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